Advanced security risk solutions

Innanguard provides premium security risk analysis, emergency management and organisational resilience services

At Innanguard we are focused on strengthening capability to protect organisations, customers, assets and supply chains from acts of terrorism, crime, natural hazard emergencies and crisis situations, as well as internal sources of disruption or failure

Practical, real world experience in securing cities, infrastructure, transport systems, large organisations and major public events

Intelligence-led, capability-based planning to identify more cost-effective security solutions and minimise unnecessary expense


True partnerships, mentoring and a transfer of expertise to clients and company executives to help in-source your practical security risk management skills 

Real-world experience 

With over 30 years combined experience in strategic security risk management, critical infrastructure protection, protective security, major event security and professional development, our team at Innanguard is focused on transferring expertise across the full spectrum of private and public sector clients

8-Stage mentoring

If you need to build skill and capability within your organisation, Innanguard's
8-stage mentoring program is designed to in-source expertise for security professionals, company directors and senior executives

Direct consulting services

If you need assistance in assessing security threats and risks and developing security and crisis management solutions, contact Innanguard

Exercising, auditing and regulatory compliance

If you have an immediate regulatory or operational need to review and audit your security plans or exercise your systems, people and processes, contact Innanguard for professional support


Director, Innanguard